My First Lecture, JASON-MASON, BABS, JOOMLA and finally a copa del rey final!

So my first proper post. It’s more like a journal entry on what all I’m doing currently:

1. My courses : Bertil Schmidt’s a very interesting character and his classes are interesting. Hopefully, the mobile game developmeny course will be good too.

2. PhD Work: In terms of core PhD work, I’m supposed to be finding psychology literature on how humans react to emergencies and how long they take to react. It’s extremely interesting to read these psychology papers. Found two papers today. The first one’s kind of old but summarises work on motivation for evacuation quite well : . I haven’t been through the second paper yet. It was published in 2010 and the abstract seemed to look really promising. Will update on that soon: .

3. My first lecture : Tomorrow I’ll be taking a tutorial for Mike’s course on Intelligent Agents. I’ll basically be introducing Mason ( to the students. It’s really good for multi agent simulations and personally I prefer it to RePast, feels more customisable. If you want to try it out just download the file from the website and unzip it. In the /sim/app/ folder you’ll find quite a few tutorials which should get you started.

4. My Paper : It’s mostly done. Needs to be shortened to 4 pages somehow. Has to be done by the Feb 10 deadline. Hopefully, I’ll be done by next Monday or Tuesday

5. JASON-MASON – Mike’s idea for a recreational activity, create a more capable agent simulation toolkit. I’m still really vague about the capabilities of JASON and similar languages. Will be reading on it in the next few days and posting my thoughts.

6. BABS : The more I say it / type it the worse it sounds. But that’s what our team in PDCC working on Behavioral Agent Based Simulations are going to be called. We’ve started setting up the website on JOOMLA. We still haven’t got the contents.Will post an update as soon as that is done. We should have the basic structure in a few days. JOOMLA seems quite easy to use. Still haven’t figure out how to use one of the cooler templates properly. But to get started in a simple way. Here are two links :

a. Setting it up using a Turnkey VM :

b. A good simple tutorial for starting off with JOOMLA (No website creation knowledge needed) :

7. Real Madrid beat Sevilla at the Sanchez Pizjuan 1-0: An away goal and what from highlights looked like a solid performance. Seems like a proper cup final after years… and 3 Classicos in 3 weeks in April!

Tired of writing for now. Shall update on the rest of the stuff later…

Hello world!

This is going to be a journal where I talk about interesting stuff I find throughout the day. The plan is to make it a journal where I can keep a track of what I’m doing and how I’m progressing in the different things I’m doing. Hopefully, it might just help someone else too if their interests cross paths with mine.

I’m a phd candidate and my topic is to do with virtual crowds and multi agent systems. And the primary reason for this blog is advice to keep a journal of my work. So a lot of my posts will have to do with interesting papers or tools I find that’ll help me along the course of this. This include : java, NETBEANS and MASON ( which our team is currently using for our simulations), LaTex( which I’m currently using for my papers) , Mac (I bought my first mac just a few months back and I’m still getting used it but already loving it), etc., etc. . Hopefully, I’ll also write about non geeky stuff at some point…

May the force be with me!