A Sublime Text plugin for the careless

So after close to a year of procrastinating, I finally made the code that I had written about back in June last year into a plugin for sublime text 2. The plugin basically checks for a couple of mistakes that are commonly made in latex by me and hopefully other people who forget to title case titles and put spaces after punctuations. On running the command, the plugin highlights each mistake and suggests a replacement which can be accepted or rejected by the user with a single key press. IF you’re actually reading this post, do feel free to check it out at https://github.com/vaisaghvt/CheckTypos .

The process of making it into a plugin was quite straightforward since my original script was in python. After some help from the excellent NetTuts tutorial and some help from some of the existing plugins and obviously the API I had the plugin working. About 10 lines of JSON later, I had an option in the tools menu, a key mapping for mac, linux and windows and a command in the command palette.  Seriously, I’ve no idea why I waited for so long.


p.s. It’s now available in package control as CheckTypos plugin. Love how that things works.

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